Friday, 10 March 2017

Rubbish bins

Rubbish bins
I honestly  believe that we should have our rubbish bins back:

Firstly I agree with having our rubbish bins back because it stinks our  bag’s out and  if  you have fruit! It might make your bag sticky and  if you have fruit snacks or snacks  they will stick to our bags.           

Secondly  I disagree of getting  our rubbish  bins back  because some of us don’t even put our rubbish in our bag’s  they just chuck it in other people's bag’s or chuck it on the ground.

Thirdly I agree getting our rubbish bins back because our school is getting dirty and some people don’t   pick the rubbish that they drop they just leave it there and then other people have to pick it up and sometimes they don’t even pick any rubbish up they just run straight past it for other people.
Lastly I agree getting our rubbish bins back because it makes us do more work when we get home and our bag’s will be filed of rubbish and it would look yuck if you had fruit in your bag like a banana cause the skin will go rotten and that will be in your bag and your parents would not like that and it would be so yuck.

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