Wednesday, 26 July 2017

This is about should sun hat's be allowed at School and why should we have them at our school. Should sun hat's be allowed at School?

Do you want to get skin cancer? {No} because lately children are getting skin cancer and if you are on the beach you should put on some  sunscreen always you could get skin cancer and it’s not good for you?  

Firstly I believe: we should always wear hat’s when it’s hot and put on some sunscreen on to just incase we might get sun cancer or sun burnt.

Secondly  I believe: that we should all bring a drink bottle to school so you don’t need to wait in the hot sun just waiting  for a drink  after playing sports & you can bring your own drink to school?

Thirdly I believe: That we should wear hats when wear playing sports just to  be a healthy student & protecting our head from getting brain damage?

Lastly I believe: We should alway wear a hat outside and on a hot day and we should put some sunscreen on when it’s hot just incase we get skin cancer or sun burnt & we should always protecting our heads?


  1. Hi Tahnellah, my name is Hana from Kawakawa Primary School. I liked your post about wearing hats because it had some great reasons to persuade people. I think wearing sun hats is important too. Maybe next time you could check your spelling as I found a few spelling mistakes in your statement. Other then that you did really good. thank you for sharing this and I'm looking forward to seeing your next one.
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  2. kia ora Tahnella its Ocean from class i really like your writing it really made me think but maybe you could just add two or three more sentences to make your writing big and you could work on posting more things on your blog but really good writing and maybe you could check my blog out :)